Rails Girls Kraków Get excited and learn to build the web

Apply for Rails Girls Kraków 2018 29-30 June Application form closes on 03 June

We would like you to complete at least 6 units ("Introduction to Ruby" to "Hashes and Symbols") of Ruby course at CodeCademy. To do so, please register at CodeCademy and put your username below, so we can verify your progress.

Note: You can finish your submission now and complete the course later. We won't start evaluating the submissions until the end of the registration period.

Let us know how experienced you are. We will use this info to assign you to the group in which you can learn the most.

How well do you know HTML?
How well do you know CSS?
How well do you know JavaScript?
How well do you know Ruby on Rails?
How well do you know any other programming language?
How well do you know SQL?
What is your English level?
What is your operating system?